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Korean Temple in Bulacan – St. Andrew Kim Shrine

With the diverse religious beliefs of the Filipino people, catholic churches in the Philippines are quite beautiful and covers a lot of culture and value. From the historical Barasoain Church, to the architectural beauty of the Minor Basilica, traveling to churches is a great treat to the eye and to the soul.

Korean Temple Bulacan Tae Gon 1

The Shrine of St. Andrew Kim Taegon is one of the many great churches in the Philippines. It is literally a Korean Temple in Bulacan. It is a Catholic church in Lolomboy, Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines. The patron saint of the church is Korean priest Andrew Kim Taegon.

Who is St Andrew Kim Taegon?

For the history enthusiasts, St. Andrew is a Korean priest who refuged and studied the Dominican convent in Lolomboy, Bulacan.

When he returned to Korea, he was arrested and, unfortunately, beheaded in Seoul because he was performing his priestly ministry and it was not recognized back then. It was even considered illegal. He was then sanctified by Pope Pius XI and was consecrated by Pope John Paul II.

The most accessible part of the temple shrine complex may be the bamboo bower walkways around the chapel going to the meditation room, leading to the church and back to the main building.

korean temple walkways

Korean Shrine in Bulacan

The St. Andrew Kim Taegon Shrine is a very sacred place. A good place to meditate or pray or just clear the mind. It feels like a whole different part of the country.

The church is just beautiful! The art and forms of the structures are different than other churches I’ve seen. The church’s surrounding area is quite nice too. There are not a lot of residential houses nearby so you could feel the sacredness of this Korean Temple.

korean temple landscape plants

The plants should provide plenty of fresh air should the river next to the shrine start to smell dank. This just may be the most perfect place to plop down and write. Philippine Churches are ventilated enough if you ask me.

“Korean Feels”

The shrine temple complex has a small, high-ceiling chapel that is decorated with scenic murals and frescoes depicting Biblical events like the Sistine Chapel. You can also find statues of Jesus and Saint Andrew Kim Taegon.

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The towering structures of the temple are very intricate. Designed and handcrafted with extreme thought I suppose. A lot of korean texts are scattered all over the temple. The church proper also has a Korean version of the Bible.

When you do visit the temple, be sure to be respectful of the Korean Nuns that are there. Always ask for their permission whenever entering a structure or taking pictures. It is also best to remove your shoes when entering the temple and its outlying buildings.

Getting to the St. Andrew Kim Taegon Shrine church is easy enough but I’d recommend that you make it a side trip. Be sure to follow their rules and always ask permission from the Korean Nuns around the Temple.

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How to get to this Korean Temple In Bulacan?

How to get to the St. Andrew Kim Taegon Temple? If you have a private vehicle, just go thru North Luzon Expressway and take the Bocaue Exit or Marilao Exit. Following the main road to Mcarthur Highway will lead you there, just ask around for the Korean Temple, it’s popular there!

If you are poor like me and doesn’t have a private vehicle, you can commute! There are lots of ways you can take to arrive at the church. It is right along MacArthur highway at Lolomboy Bocaue Bulacan. Landmarks nearby are a Jollibee Food place, Duhat Road and the ever locally popular Joners Minimart.From manila, r

ide the German Espiritu bus, or any bus bound to Balagtas, Bulacan and ask the driver to drop you off at 7-11 Bocaue or Bocaue Exit Tollgate.

From there, ride a jeepney bound to Marilao.

Ask the driver to drop you off at Mcdonalds, Lolomboy or Joners Minimart. The shrine is just a few blocks away from there. You can walk from there or you could also hire a tricycle.

The feast of St. Andrew Kim is on July 5 and he is also the secondary patron saint of the Lolomboy Parish.

The Korean Temple’s Mass Schedules, Entrance Fees, Opening Hours, and Regulations

The Korean Temple in Bocaue doesn’t have actual entrance fees, since it is a church. Though, you may provide donations or anything in-kind. The church is open from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

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Try Visiting the Malolos Cathedral in Bulacan, nearby.

Feel the culture of Korea by visiting the St. Andrew Kim Taegon Shrine, a Korean Temple in Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines.