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About Us

"I believe that if you are able to travel, you are enjoying one of the greatest privileges that a living human being can have."

Hi, I'm Jaye!

Since 2019 , I started learning about travel blogs, and began publishing personal thoughts and experiences in traveling, lifestyle, and life itself. was created with the vision of being a journal that you can use on how to maximize your travels. We’ll tell you all about our journeys, from just a quick tour around a museum, or a long road trip to some amazing mountain.

I hope you’ll find the inspiration and motivation, to keep traveling, and go out there…even if it just within your own town’s local places. Stop planning, and just do it.

You’ll find tips and tricks, budget hacks, steal-deals, routes, rules, funny stories, and other resources, to help you in your next travel. I mean, why go all-in on one travel, when you can put your money’s worth to 10 more!

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That's Me, right at the peak of Mount Balagbag