About Jaye Travels

About Jaye Travels

Hi I’m Jaye! The blogger behind JayeTravels.com.

JayeTravels.com believes that travelling is one of the greatest privileges us humans can have.

JayeTravels.com was created with the vision of being a journal for sharing our (friends and family) travel experiences with other people who also likes traveling or just like the thought of it. Traveling is an experience that you just can’t put into words, but we always try to. We hope you’ll find the inspiration and motivation to travel more, even if it just within your own town’s local places. Find tips on this site, which will help you get wherever you want to be.

A lot of our travels are done on a budget. Cheapest transportation fees, entrance fees, accommodations and more. Why spend so much on one travel destination, when you can distribute your budget to five more. JayeTravels.com is committed to showing you how to find maximum value in your travels — where to travel, how to save money while traveling, and plenty of tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way, especially the DOs and DONTs. This blog also include some weird and funny travel stories that you might experience when you visit the same places too. Our blog shows you what really happens when you go to places, without the paid advertisements or biased endorsements.

Now, our travels led us to a promising travel blog to share and deliver quality content. We love to connect with people, continue to travel, share experiences and encourage other people to do the same.

We are never the perfect travelers. We’re shy, geographically challenged, unendingly unlucky, accident-prone and driven only to travel by discounts. But, what started as an instrument to share all about our interesting travels, now grew into a travel review blog and travel guide site, that you’re reading today.

Follow our never ending journey via Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. You can also Contact Us for seasonal promos, special travel discounts, tips on travelling, display advertisement or sponsorship.

This blog will be a beacon of experience and adventure, may you remember us in your travels. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you’ll stay for a while!

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